More Americans are using air conditioners than ever before—here's what that means for the power grid

American Home Shield used EIA data to show how air conditioning usage has grown since 2005 and how it compares across all 50 states.
Sustainability ideas

Data shows with sustainability top-of-mind, U.S. adults have a desire to make an impact

(BPT) - Celebrating 50 years, World Environment Day 2023 is a reminder that people's actions matter and contribute to building a brighter future for us all.The relationship between consumer behavior …

Spotting Invasive Pest Threats Today Can Save Our Trees, Plants and Crops for Tomorrow

(BPT) - For many of us, warmer weather means more time outside. It’s also the time invasive species, known as “Hungry Pests,” emerge and attack the trees and crops we depend on. …

5 home cleaning hacks to save time, energy and the planet

(BPT) - Everyone loves a clean home, but as the weather gets nicer, many of us want to spend less time sprucing up and more time enjoying summer with family and friends. This is when a few good …

Educating School Districts About the Importance of Clean Transportation

(Family Features) If you'd like to talk with your school district about reducing emissions in your community and saving money for your district's budget, consider these tips.

How to plan sustainable community outreach this spring and beyond

(BPT) - A successful business isn't just about profit. Companies can enhance their reputation and show their commitment to social responsibility through community outreach. Within their community, a …

How off-grid solar could fill energy access gaps around the world

Enviro Friendly compiled a list of highlights from the 2022 Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report, developed by the World Bank and its partners.

Average temperature change in every state for the last 100 years

Stacker compiled data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Environmental Information to detail the temperature changes over 120 years across every state except Alaska and Hawaii, where data was not available.  
Leverage the new Inflation Reduction Act to go green and save big
(BPT) - In August 2022, the U.S. government passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a comprehensive energy policy bill that provides a record $370 billion for climate and energy initiatives. The …
5 Portable Power Station uses prove you don't have to sacrifice power to go green
(BPT) - If you're mindful of your impact on the environment and want to do your part to protect the planet, considering how you can use greener power options like portable power stations vs. gas …
Reduce, reuse, redecorate: Why you should shop pre-owned for furniture this Earth Month (and how to do it like a pro)
(BPT) - Earth Month is the perfect time to think about our impact on our planet, and one way to make a positive difference is by purchasing pre-owned or used furniture. Not only is it a great way to …
Poking holes in plastics recycling myths: 5 facts you need to know on Earth Day
(BPT) - This Earth Day is the perfect time to review your recycling habits. With so many myths and misconceptions around recycling, odds are you could be doing better for yourself and the …
How one simple household choice can help make a big environmental impact
(BPT) - Consumers today are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of every single one of their purchasing decisions, causing more people to seek out products that better fit a green …
Are you guilty of ‘wishcycling’?
(BPT) - ‘Wishcycling’ is a buzzword for the act of putting items into a recycling bin and hoping they will be recycled. We’ve all done it. And while our intentions may be good, more …

Sustainability in Schools: 7 ideas for engaging students, communities in green initiatives

(Family Features) Teaching earth-friendly behaviors is one aspect, but schools can also take steps to facilitate sustainable practices within the school system and the community. These green changes can make a meaningful and lasting impact.

3 Energy-Saving Home Improvement Ideas

(Family Features) Energy-efficient appliances are a good starting point as you work to reduce your home's overall energy usage.

The Inflation Reduction Act's rollout is bringing green jobs across the US—see the projects happening near you

Stacker cited data from Climate Power to look at green energy and infrastructure projects that have been announced since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Environment matters
Preserving Biodiversity Through Sustainable Development
(Family Features) For the Mexican avocado industry, success depends on the conservation of natural resources, soil, forests and water, which is why it is working to reduce its impact to protect the natural environment. One important priority is supporting biodiversity - the variety of plants and animals in one region or ecosystem - through environmentally friendly and responsible practices.
These animal climate heroes restore habitats and revive ecosystems
Stacker compiled a list of 10 animals from diverse environments, outlining how each helps sustain its ecosystem.
How climate change is affecting America's national parks
Stacker referenced research from climate scientists, the National Parks Service, and U.S. Geological Survey to examine how climate change impacts America's national parks.
10 states with the highest levels of tree cover loss
Citing data from Global Forest Watch, Stacker ranked 10 states that have experienced the greatest loss of tree cover over the past decade.
How long it takes 50 common items to decompose
Stacker looks at how long it takes for the things people throw away to decompose. From a few days to millions of years, find out the decomposition rates of the most commonly trashed household items.